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7' diameter Lovesac (PRICE REDUCED)
7' diameter Lovesac (PRICE REDUCED)

7' diameter Lovesac (PRICE REDUCED)

7' diameter lovesac (I left my pillow on it for a size reference). This thing is just a huge oversized adult beanbag. I love the damn thing but I refuse to lose another day to the thing - it's so damn cozy itll have you reevaluating your priorities wondering if you realllllly need to get up. You can stack the fluff and sink into it for a nice seat or you can flop out onto it (when you spread it out it has more surface area than a queen sized bed) This bad boy retailed at well over $500 almost $600. Now I know pretty damn well I'm not gonna get near that but please guys try to keep your offers in the triple figures. If youve ever walked past lovesac at the mall and youve ever gone damn i want one of those ridiculously expensive oversized adult beanbags wellllll this deal is for you

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Washington içinde 7' diameter Lovesac (PRICE REDUCED)

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